Lost and Found

Today is Cayley’s birthday. More on that later.

Tuesday night I took Elisha shopping to get his sister a present.

We’d done a round of the shop and picked up a few things, and wanted to head back to one area to swap something.

I knew where we were going, and Elisha exuded such confidence that he knew where he was going. He even announced, “I’m going this way,” and was headed in the right direction, but one row of clothes away from me.

And then he wasn’t there any more.

I wandered around for what felt like half an hour, staying mostly close to where I’d lost him, with a couple of dashes to where we were headed and to the toys section. Called his name more than once.

No Elisha.

Feeling panicky, I started making my way to the front to get the – “If you’ve seen this child can you bring him to his mother, she’s waiting by the front door” announcement made.

When I saw him. With a store staff member.

I called. He heard. He ran to me.

We hugged. We talked. I could tell he was shaken, but he wasn’t crying. He is growing up so!

And I was super proud of him. He was in trouble, and he did the right thing, and he wasn’t too scared to speak to a stranger to get help.

Mummy was shaken too. And she also wasn’t crying. But I think we were both pretty close.

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