Day 1

Home – Cliff Head

Well, I’m still feeling that this is all a bit surreal.  Brett, the kids and I set off today on our caravan trip around Australia.


Our plan was to Dongara today and Denham tomorrow, but we’ve decided to take it a bit slower than that, so the kids get a chance to run off their energy.

We made a few stops along the way.  Had to test the butane burner for a cuppa of course!


And the obligatory explore.  Jos of course found sticks that he just had to have.  He even tried putting them in his pants, under his shirt so that I wouldn’t know he had them.  Nice try!

We are at Cliff Head Break, a free camping spot.  It’s right on the water, mountains of seaweed and lots of friendly folk.



We had the world’s most expensive tinned beetroot for dinner.  (Not really, just a simple slip of the decimal point.)



And a gorgeous sunset for our first night away.


Plenty of thoughts to share, but one thing we don’t have is power, so I can’t recharge anything… So more info and photos will have to wait!

2 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. Good luck, guys. We all look forward to living vicariously through the stories (and pictures) of your escape from mundanity.

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