Day 5


A day of no travelling.  How novel.  And just what we all needed.

We had a very relaxed day today.  Walked every where too.  So nice to not need the car at all for the whole day.


The kids had done some work on their diaries, and are really enjoying it.  I hope they stay this enthusiastic for the entire six months. After this little bit of school work in the morning we walked into town, over to the local IGA to get some eats for lunch and some bits and pieces.

Took the said lunch over to the park, ate, tried not to get blown away by the wind, and had a quick play at the playground.


Then we walked over pretty much to the other side of town and went to the mini golf course we’d noticed yesterday during our reconnoissance drive.  It was advertised as Australia’s cheapest mini golf, and it is quite possible that it was.  $5 each for Elisha and Cayley, and Jos was free.  For 18 holes.




We had a mix of game play.  Excited, enthused, not wanting to learn, upset, co-operating, competing, crying, laughing, smiling, frowning, starting over, even a hole in one (we didn’t tell Jos that it doesn’t count when you start half way down the green.)  The gamut of emotions displayed was trying at the time. But when I sit back and think about it now, I can learn a lesson from the children – they do not hold onto their grudges.  I want to be like that!

Ice creams were purchased and eaten, and we started our homeward journey.  Jos was still eating his ice cream, but we couldn’t wait any longer to head off.


I think we did a bit more school work somewhere in the rest of the afternoon.  Kicked the footy round for a while.  Had some dinner and watched a short cartoon about Eric Liddell.  In the evenings we’ve been reading through some of the Lightkeepers books about boys… yesterday we read about him, and it was great to be able to see how differently the book and the video focused on his life.





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