Day 5 – Cayley


We played minigolf. It was fun. I beat Elisha only on one of them. We had an ice-cream there. Some of the minigolf holes to get the ball in had water in it. And we walked to the minigolf instead of driving, because daddy is really good at directions. We played football and I found some tickly clicking bugs and also a bit like a cockroach but very small. Me and Jos did exercise together because it was very very cold. And I had a lot of energy and I learned a bit more of football from Elisha. It was to swing my leg backwards. The ice-cream we had chocolate. And I have had a different type of the ice-creams–it was rainbow. But when Elisha had it, he thought he threw up. I had a lot of fun. And I played nicely with Jossy. It was a game about saber toothed tigers and tigers and puppies and dogs. And we watched a movie about God’s love.


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