Some Josisms

I have two to share with you.

An oldie (but a goodie).

At some time in the past Jos has been informed that he’s not allowed to drink beer, because if he does it will stop him from growing.

He now believes that Brett drinks beer so that he will not grow to be a giant.

A newie (and another goodie).

Brett put a few games on the iPad for the kids, and a great one is Scribblenauts.  The player has to guide Maxwell through a map by giving him items and getting him to use them… you can think up almost anything for him to use.  Great for imagination and lateral thinking.

Jos was playing a level where you need to create a disaster to make the dinosaurs extinct.  No bombs or meteors allowed (I think that was the restrictions).

So I explained to Jos what he had to do – make the dinsoaurs extinct; wipe them out – as best I was able.

His plan of attack?  To drop a stink bug in there.

He was disappointed when it didn’t have the desired result.

“I thought it would stink them out!” he cried.

Yes, we all laughed.

We love you Jossy.

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