Day 35

Halls Creek

No photos today.  Well none worth sharing anyway.

We went to the People’s Church in Halls Creek with James this morning, and then went on to the bakery for lunch.

Chilled out for the rest of the day.  The kids watched a movie or two, and I cooked a roast for dinner.  And cooked and cooked it, it took quite a while.

Kat arrived home, and her friend from Perth came with her too.

We did a bit of preparation for heading off in the morning.  To the Bungle Bungles tomorrow.

Day 34

Halls Creek

Today we took a trip to look at a few different sights… China Wall and Old Halls Creek.  It shouldn’t have been too long a trip.  Except we missed the turn off to Old Halls Creek and ended up all the way back at Palm Spring before we realised that we had definitely gone too far.  Oops.

So back we went again.

Stopped in Old Halls Creek.

This is the post office.  It was built from a mixture of hay and ants’ hill mud.  It does look like a huge ants’ nest in some ways.

old_hc_poIt’s quite strange seeing street signs in the middle of bush and nothing else.


old_hc_sign2Elisha and I followed that sign to the cemetery, but everyone else stayed in the car while we went. It was a very old cemetery and in pretty poor disrepair.  But very interesting none the less.  Elisha and I took lots of photos.

This car was on the way to the cemetery.



Here is the cemetery.




flower_tombstoneThen back to China Wall, which was only about five minutes down the road out of Halls Creek.  We missed it!

When we arrived Brett noticed a nail in the tyre, and pulled it out.  No damage fortunately.


China Wall was fascinating.  Although I’m only sharing the one picture there were also two other lines just like this, each one progressively lower.  And this one was visible for quite a long way down the road, just not as obvious or impressive.

china_wallAnd here’s Cayley loving on Atticus!



Day 33

Halls Creek

Today was a very quiet day.  Brett was not in such a good state and needed to rest.

James was at work and Kat left for Broome, so we were on our own for the day.

I took Elisha and Cayley down the road to town later in the morning.  Jos stayed home.  Brett rested and Jos entertained himself.  We went to the Op Shop which was open, and managed to come out without buying anything!  We also went to A Lot on 95 (I think it was 95) which was having a closing down sale.  There was a lot of great stuff there.

Then to IGA for a few bits and pieces that we needed.

On our way to the shops we noticed a dead crow on the side of the road.  Cayley had to take a photo of it on the way back home.  Yes I let her.  I will save you the share of that photo.

Because we’d had such a quiet day the kids were pretty restless later in the afternoon.  We decided to put their extra energy to use, and got them to do some raking and sweeping in the front yard.  This helped immensely.


Day 32

Halls Creek

This morning we walked into town. Compared to Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek is huge.  Halls Creek has several shops in a row on the main street – a strip if you like!

We enjoyed morning tea at the bakery before wandering back toward home.

The butcher here has a very interesting method of advertising.

hc_butcherWe also popped into the Tourist Information Centre, and on the way there saw the tribute to Russian Jack.

hc_russian_jackRussian Jack was a gold miner in Halls Creek in the late 1800s during the gold rush here.  He is famous for pushing a sick friend in his wheelbarrow all the way to Wyndham for medical attention. That’s what I call a good friend!

Once we were back home we headed out to Palm Springs and Saw Pit Gorge for a look around.

Palm Springs was gorgeous, and great for a swim.  There was lots of little fish in the water, and the kids enjoyed pulling grass seeds off stalks to feed them.  Brett and the kids also went exploring in the rocks over the other side of the spring.




palm_spring_swimSaw Pit Gorge does not have a constant source of water like Palm Spring, and the water was not suitable for swimming.  The rock formations here were amazing.  Like someone had turned the layers of rock on their side.







Day 31

Mary’s Pool – Halls Creek

Today we drove from Mary’s Pool to Halls Creek.  I took some photos before we left this morning.


marys_pool2There was a lot of bird life.  It was lovely listening to them last night and this morning.  A big group of corellas (?) flew in as I was taking these pictures.


marys_pool4And here we are ready to head for Halls Creek.

ready_halls_creekThe drive to Halls Creek was not too long – we were there before lunch.  We spent a lovely afternoon catching up with Kat, and later, when he got home from work, James.  But I didn’t take any more photos.

The kids (Cayley in particular) were very taken with Atticus the cat, and the chickens.




Day 30

Fitzroy Crossing – Mary’s Pool

We did a lot today.  Cayley and Jos enjoyed playing with Jacob this morning… and the camera.  Lots of photos (and movies) to show for that.  Here’s a small sampling of pictures.



ted_jacob_fitzroyI had given the caravan a quick pack up first thing in the morning, and left Brett to do the rest.  Elisha and I were off to school!  Elisha got to join Michael and his Year 3/4 class for the morning.  I hung around for the first hour to make sure he settled in okay, washed some dishes and joined in some discussion about Jandamarra, then I left.  He had a good morning.

I went back to help finish packing up.  We said our farewells to Sally and Jacob, and left their place to go pick Elisha up from school.  We all popped our heads in to Michael’s class and said good bye to him too.

Again, lots of lovely scenery on the drive to our stop, but my out of the window while we’re moving photos aren’t so flash.  A quick stop for lunch and loo break and on the road again.  I even drove for a bit!


Not a huge drive today.  We stopped at a free site called Mary’s Pool.  I’m not sure why I didn’t take any photos of it today.  I’ll make sure I take some tomorrow before we leave.

After setting up camp we went for a walk down to the crossing at the pool and had a look around. The kids wanted to go walking along the river edge, but because of the crocodile warning we decided not too.  Later on this evening when Jos, Elisha and I went out walking, another camper said that it would only be freshies, and would have been quite safe.  I think I’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to crocs!

One thing that was awesome tonight was a praying mantis that came into our caravan at some stage.  One of the kids spotted it at bed time.  We had a great time watching it, and encouraging smaller insects to wander near to it to be caught for his (or her) dinner.





Day 29

Fitzroy Crossing

Today we visited Geike Gorge.  It was a beautiful location, and we saw some awesome sights, but we did not enjoy ourselves the whole time… But first, some pictures.


walking_geikieThere was an abundance of flora, lots of greenery and shade for our walk through the gorge.


The most stunning feature of Geikie Gorge however, is the limestone reef which has been carved away (to form the gorge) by the Fitzroy River. Some gorgeous rock formations too.




On the way in, we walked in on the side furthest from the riverside.  Very close to the rocks.  geikie_gorge2We could look over the dry portion of the riverbed to the opposite wall of the gorge.

geikie_gorge3We were very excited to discover a bower.  I think Cayley spotted it.  I walked straight past it.  Guess it wasn’t at my eye level.  Nice spot Cayley.

geikie_bowerWhen we reached the end of the path we decided to head back by the riverside route.  Which was a bad move.  There was lots of sun, minimal shade and lots and lots of sand.  The result of these conditions was very grumpy children.  Let’s just say if anyone was hoping for a peaceful walk in the gorge that day, it’s not what they got.

We did make it back eventually though.


Day 28

Fitzroy Crossing

This morning he kids took over the lounge room, built themselves a big nest with the cushions and couches and set to the serious business of watching a movie.

fc_tv_nestJacob played in his new sandpit filled with sand Michael picked up at Donkey’s Crossing.



We were fortunate to be able to go to a festival that was held.  There were quite a few activities for the kids.  We had a good time.  The kids especially enjoyed going back later with Michael, Sally and Jacob.  They saw some traditional dance, and Cayley did a smoke walk.



The moon tonight was amazing.  A super moon.  We attempted a photo, but the street light was in the way… still a pretty awesome memory.


Day 27

Fitzroy Crossing

This morning the kids helped do some weeding in the garden.  Then they randomly planted seeds in the freshly weeded dirt.  I wonder what is going to spring up in the weeks to come.  I hope it makes some kind of sense.

Later in the day we went to Donkey’s (Pass or Crossing or something).  When we arrived there was much complaining and angst because there was extreme mud at the water’s edge.

As an aside this reminds me of the housing estate that was being developed near Curtin University back home in Perth.  It was called Water’s Edge.  But of course when you say it, it sounds like Water Sedge.  Not the kind of place I’d like to live.  It’s now Cygnus something or other.  Much better.

Anyhoo, back to the muddy situation.  Cayley was all for getting in. Not much hesitation on her part.  Jos fairly quickly fell over in the mud, but he still wasn’t happy about going in.  The inflatable ring helped so much!


The person least happy about the messiness was Elisha.  Until he realised that it could be fun!



Jacob was happy to sit by and watch the action rather than get in on it!


The kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the mud and water.  We had to spend a bit of time cleaning them up before letting them in the car to go home!  I reckon next time it wont take them so long to get in the mud to start with!