Day 6

Denham – Hamelin Pool Station

Packed up the caravan, breakfasted, school and general morning duties before heading off from Shark Bay.

Yesterday we noticed a sign out the front of a house, asking for volunteers to take donated goods to Carnarvon for a charity there.  We decided that we could probably take a coupe of boxes, and so we gave the number listed a call.

Here we met Tim, his wife and Johnny, who is staying with them.  An amazing house that Tim built himself, with a gorgeous garden.  Loved it.  Mustn’t forget the dogs, Noah and Bella either.

Tim is a Christian, and loves a good yarn.  Reminded us a little of Grandad Adams in personality.  Gorgeous.

First stop out of Denham was Eagle Bluff, which is reportedly a great spot for sighting sharks, rays and even dugongs.  There is such an abundance of sea life here because of the fields of sea grass.  But nothing was spotted today.  The view however, was amazing.  The water was crystal clear and from up on the bluff we could see for miles.  We had to rug up, Brett even brought his coffee with him for the walk – it was ice coffee by the time we got back.  The wind has been wild these last few days.



Next stop down the road at Shell Beach.  I remember coming here as a kid with mum and dad.  I still remember being amazed at all the shells.  Just like our kids were today.  They go on forever and ever.  They built shell castles, and went for a long walk out into the sea – it is so shallow for such a long way, a real novelty.









Ate a quick lunch in the caravan before continuing on our way.

Next we stopped at the Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station.  Our main reason for stopping here was to drop a case of donated items off for Tim to a lady who lost everything in a house fire about a year ago.

Then we headed just around the corner to see the stromatolites.  Bizarre!  But cool too. I found it fascinating that we could still see wagon wheel tracks from years ago when the location was used for loading boats.




Next and final stop Hamelin Pool Station Stay.  This is a working sheep station of half a million hectares with 20000 sheep and some goats running on it.  Found this one in Camp 7, no power, but gorgeous new amenities.


After setting up the caravan we went for a bit of an explore.  Out into the scrub a little, looking under rocks for bugs, and appreciating the interesting textures of the trees.

hamelin_explore hamelin_photographing





Cooked dinner in the big camp kitchen, and met a couple of the other guests too.

Tomorrow we plan to head to Carnarvon.

We are settling into this change okay.  The kids definitely seem to be getting a bit more used to the longer stretches in the car, and sleeping and living in such a small area.

We’re enjoying being together, and are each working on some personal challenges to try and improve the quality of the time we spend together.  My personal challenge today was to not to over react when angry.  I did a great job at this today.  But that was mostly because everyone was doing a great job at their challenges, and I didn’t really have reason to get mad.  And that is good.



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