Day 7

Hamelin Pool Station Stay – Carnarvon

Cooked porridge in the camp kitchen and ate in the dining room again.  The kids worked on their diaries here too.

Packed up and off again.  To Carnarvon today.



Stopped at Overlander again, just to fuel up this time.


Also stopped at the Wooramel roadhouse, this time for a bite to eat.


Lots more animals on the road today.  Mostly of the roadkill variety, and mostly kangaroos.  But quite a few live ones.  Goats (which always seem to be in groups of four.  Brett says, mum, dad and a couple of kids!), a flock of sheep and even a few cows.

The kids have started bringing their pillows and teddy bears into the car for long trips, and they have great fun making different kinds of shelters for the teddies and then playing in them.

We got to Carnarvon fairly early in the afternoon, but we had forgotten that it was going to be closed for the most part as it was Sunday.  So we weren’t able to go to the Tourist information centre to find out which was the best caravan park.  Did a quick bit of research and decided that the benefit of playground equipment at the Big 4 caravan park was a deal maker and off we went.

The kids were pretty happy about the bouncy castle, and have played on it for much of the afternoon.  There are a few other children here, and they’ve been busy making friends.

Brett and I got chatting with our neighbours ‘across the road’, and he was able to help them fix the aerial on their television.  It’s great to meet different people doing different things, and yet all the same – travelling.  Lots of sharing of ideas and experiences.

Today I learnt that talcum powder around the stabilisers and wheels will help to keep the ants out of the caravan.  Simple.  Must add that to the shopping list.


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