Day 8


A public holiday today.  Thinking that most things would be shut for the holiday we planned on a quiet one.  This meant the kids were free to play with their new friends who were all leaving later in the evening or tomorrow morning.

The camera came out at breakfast time, because Cayley got frothy milk on her cereal. Probably shouldn’t shake it next time.  What do you think?


After lunch we went for a drive along the Gascoyne Food Trail.  Looking at all the different plantations on the side of the road, and stopping at one honesty stall to pick up a few fresh food items.

We also went down to One Mile Jetty. We didn’t go out on it today, more a scoping out visit.  But we did check out one of the museums down there.

Teams of camels used to pull these wagons, loaded with wool bales.  This is what would have left the trails in the stromatolites.  They’re huge.



The donation box fascinated me.  It was a train carved out of a log, but unfinished.


The kids loved climbing on all the different vehicles in the shed.  There was no one there monitoring visitors, and no signs saying don’t climb, but I still felt naughty!




cayley_jos_tractorWater tower look out.


We met a few ‘friends’ from stories along the way.  At least we pretended we did.

Mater of Cars fame.





And troublesome trucks from Thomas the Tank Engine.

troublesome_trucksI had a lot of fun taking photos.  I just love old stuff!






old_fordson_tractorThe bikes came down from the bike rack for the first time today, and the kids have enjoyed the freedom and speed this offers them.  Poor Jos is missing out a bit, as we didn’t bring training wheels with us, and he hasn’t yet learned to ride without them.  That is on the list of things to be teaching him soon!

Cooked up dinner on the barbecue.  Had a chat with the people cooking next to us.

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