Day 9


Took a bit of a trip out today.

First stop an early lunch.  Let the kids get whatever they wanted.  Not one of them finished everything.  There’ll be lots more sharing from here on in.  😉

Second stop dropping off the boxes of donated goods from Tim Hargreaves.  The person receiving them was not home, so we gave him a call, and he said to just go on through the gate and leave them on the table in the back yard.  Brett was just slightly nervous at the presence of the big dog in the yard, but the dog merely lifted its head and a little later dropped it again.  Not even a teeny growl or whine.

Mission accomplished we headed over to the Aboriginal Cultural Centre and had a look at the current exhibition.  It was very interesting, lots of different stories of their history in this area.  The kids learnt that ngatha (in one dialect) means ‘me’.  It was a really well put together and thought out exhibtion.  The kids stayed interested for a lot of it, and when their interest waned, there was an interactive area where they entertained themselves until Brett and I were done reading and listening to the other stories.  Thanks so much for a great visit.

Out the front of the Cultural Centre the kids were excited to find fruit growing on the palm trees.  We think they might be coconuts?



Next, into town to the post office to send off a couple of parcels which have travelled all the way from home to Carnarvon!

Then out to the dish… but we didn’t go in as it was almost closed.  We’ll leave that for another day, or maybe another trip.

A bit of play time back at the caravan before rugging up and heading out to One Mile Jetty for some fishing.  I took the camera and planned on taking some pictures, but was kept so busy baiting lines, putting hooks back on, casting lines out and watching fish land on the deck that I completely forgot myself in the excitement.  So no photos.

It was cold and windy, and there were some of us who wanted to go home.  We may head out tomorrow morning if we can drag ourselves out of bed early enough for it to be worth it.  What do you think?


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