Day 10 – Cayley


Today we had an ice cream. It was white chocolate and the strawberry ice cream was inside. There were some little holes in the chocolate that were filled with biscuit.  I didn’t really like the chocolate but I liked the ice cream.  We got an ice cream because we were doing a scavenger hunt, and the part that we had to eat the ice cream was we had to try new flavours.

We went on the train and it had pretty painted pictures on it.  My favourite one would probably be whales jumping in the see with the bright yellow sun above it. I also like the clown fish. The train went on the jetty a mile long and we stopped on the way to feed the fish, but no fish came.  The fish food looked like cat food. On the front of the train there was a face and every time we left and came back the person tooted the horn. The horn looked like a chain. And at the end of the jetty we stopped and looked at people catching fish, and they caught a big bream and a flathead. At first when we were waiting for the train we thought it went very slow, but it went fast. I didn’t see any octopuses on the train. And we went in the first carriage, there was a seat on both ends that had a cushion on and there was one in the middle, and I laid down on it when I got very tired.


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