Day 10


Last day for doing things in Carnarvon.  We’re heading off again tomorrow.  It has been nice to stop for a few days and take a good look around.

Today we went back to One Mile Jetty.  Instead of walking out it this time our plan was to catch the Coffee Pot train out.  When we arrived it had just left, so we had to wait for it to return.  While we were waiting Jos and Brett climbed the water tower look out.  Elisha and Cayley wanted to stay in the car and keep listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which we are really enjoying).

The view from the top.



Eventually the Coffee Pot returned and we had our ride out on the jetty.




Even in the middle of the morning there were fishermen right down the other end of the jetty.  And they were bringing in fish too.  Bream and some sort of flathead.

After our train ride we went down along a boardwalk into the mangroves.  Sixty years ago there were no mangroves.  I wonder what caused them to grow?

mangroves_carnarvonInto town to run a couple of errands, including getting Elisha’s glasses ‘fixed’, meaning wont fall apart as quickly.

Lunch at the caravan park, and a bit of a run around for the children.  Jos had a practice on his bike – now with no training wheels.  I didn’t do a very good job of helping him.  Brett was much better.


After lunch we went to the Space Museum.  One of the things you can see from all over Carnarvon is the massive dish.  This is where the museum is.  It was opened last year by Buzz Aldrin.





It was so windy up on the dish.  I was not letting go of the rail for anything!  I was a little worried that the kids wouldn’t hold on tight enough, but we all made it down safely.  Elisha didn’t come up with us.  He seems to have developed a fear of heights.

windy_dishAfter the museum we headed back into town for the all important ice-cream.  The boys had haircuts (yes, unfortunately there was a reason for the haircut).  There were showers and dinner and bed time.  I went off to stock up on all non perishables.

When I got back Cayley was asleep, Jos was still messing about in bed, and Elisha was still up.  Brett went off to hang some washing, but was back about one minute later.  I thought he’d forgotten something.

But no, he’d found Mothra.


mothraThis caused much excitement.  I think Brett was the most excited out of everyone.  When he saw it, he thought it was a bird flying around in the laundry.


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