Day 11 – Cayley

Carnarvon – Lyndon River West

We made a factory out of sand and we made a cake with the sand. We found a green stone.  Jossy knocked something off the pole so we stuck it into a little crack and used it as an oven. Me and Jos shared some food at the factory which was very salty, and they were pretzels.

We went hunting out in the bush and we found a nice river and at the very, very, very start of the river where the water was there was lots of muddy, muddy, gooey stuff.

We had eggplant for dinner for the first time. Me and Jos didn’t really like it, because it was a bit too salty. And mum and dad let us leave the skin. We also had spaghetti for dinner. And one Oreo for sweets.


factory2(These are photos of the bones in the factory.)

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