Day 11

Carnarvon – Lyndon River West

Moved on out of Carnarvon today.  The kids had a farewell bounce on the castle, and we took some long overdue photos.  The park cat was photographed by the kids too.  I think they miss Timba and Ookie at home.  Wonder how they’re going.



elisha_bouncy_castlecarnarvon_catWe didn’t go far today. Just a short distance away to a free camp site at Lyndon River West.  We arrived in the early afternoon.  I was surprised that there were already quite a few people stopped here.  It was nice to stop and get to have a bit of a look around before needing to think about dinner and bed.

We had stopped earlier at Minilya roadhouse where we had lunch.  I bought a few flavoured milks that were frozen and on special.  We pulled these out later when we arrived at our camp site for the night.  Kept the kids busy for a while crunching them up and eating/drinking them.



At Minilya, after lunch, everyone had been to the bathroom.  But Jos was holding onto himself in a strange way, and I thought perhaps he had to go again.  I was wrong.


Was there something in his pocket?  No.  But he was still hanging on.


I lifted his shirt up a bit higher.  Aha!


Jos loves sticks.  We have also initiated a no sticks in the car or caravan rule.  Jos has beent rying to sneak them in!

We’ve met a few friendly faces here.  Two couples were sharing lunch when we arrived and we joined them with the flavoured milks.  Later someone came and asked us if we were from Busselton (because of the registration plate on the car).

We did some school work.  Maths was the primary focus today.  No visual diary for a couple of days, we need to get onto that and catch up!

After school we went for an explore across the road.  The ground was really interesting in look and feel and texture.  It is quite obvious that the ground has been recently wet.  The surface is all crusted and broken, but underneath is still moist and soft.  Our feet sunk into the ground as we walked.  The kids found it fascinating.  They also enjoyed picking up clods of earth and throwing and kicking them around.



The gentleman we’d met earlier from Busselton was over the road looking for birds to photograph (with an impressive looking lens on his camera!)  He’d been told that brolgas come down to the water to drink at dusk.  We didn’t see and fauna, but we did see evidence of a couple of different things.  Footprints.  We think of a brolga, and some kind of dog.



After coming back from the walk the kids entertained themselves quite happily for the rest of the afternoon until dinner time.


After dinner a game of Uno or two was indulged in and enjoyed for the most part.  We have some lessons to learn in the art of not winning.

I played with the camera… trying to get some stars.

stars_lyndon2 stars_lyndon1

Tomorrow we are heading to Bullara station, which has been recommended to us by a friend. That’s another great thing about chatting with other people on the road – the recommendations. There is so much to look at it is impossible to see everything, and making decisions is tough.  Great to hear other peoples’ thoughts on it.

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  1. Love all the photos. The one with Elisha jumping off the stairs, he looks so much like Glenn when he was that age. There must be some family resemblance (spelling).

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