Day 12

Lyndon River West – Bullara Station

Today we set off from the Lyndon River camp site aiming for Bullara Station.

We stopped to look at some termite mounds on the way.  They are amazing.  Some of them are huge.  I wonder how many termites there are out there.




We also got out for a stretch at Coral Bay.  The water is so blue and beautiful and the sand so crisp and white.  Very appealing.  The kids were disappointed that they weren’t in bathers and allowed to swim.  They waded in the water, which of course always means wet clothes!


Called into the bakery in Coral Bay to pick up some bread for lunch, but discovered at the same time that their prices were very reasonable and morning tea was also purchased.

Arrived in Bullara not long after noon, while arranging to stay the night we met one of the children who live here, Mimi, and our children were gone with her for most of the rest of the afternoon. There was a fantastic cubby house too.



Funny aside – she told us that her name was Lucy, but that is her sister.

The rest of the afternoon was spent pottering around the station and checking it out, and meeting some of the other travellers.






Tildy wanted to share our dinner.  She had good sad eyes!

tildy_dinnerWe’ve decided to stay here another night and take a trip back to Coral Bay tomorrow morning so that the kids (okay, and the adults) can go for a proper swim and a look at the fish and coral (okay, okay… and another trip to the bakery.  We’ve been told the pies are awesome, with the Broccoli and Cauliflower pie being highly recommended.)

I came down with one of my infamous headaches in the afternoon, so it was an early night for me.

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