Day 13

Bullara Station

Up and at ’em this morning, and off to Coral Bay.  Such a gorgeous place.  Swimming and snorkelling to look at the fish was the first port of call.  To be completely honest the number of fish freaked me out a little – like Elisha, and I headed back to shore to watch the children while Brett went for a more in depth snorkel.

The kids had a great time building in the sand and messing about in the water to their hearts’ content.



trench_digging_coral_bayThen after some discussion with Brett about what would be the better option (loaf of bread for $2.50 or 1 hour glass bottom canoe hire for $25) I snuck off to the bakery for the decided upon loaf of bread.

And then the fun began.  I took one piece of bread out to a slightly deeper area and lured a few fish in to get started… and then we fed the fish.  First it was going to be two pieces of bread each, but of course it ended up being the whole loaf.  It was just too much fun to stop.





feeding_coral_bay5After feeding the fish, we went over to the bakery to feed ourselves.  We discovered yesterday that the goodies were surprisingly well priced.  Mmmm… bakery.

While leaving I noticed the owl near the entrance for scaring the birds away.  Not as effective as one may be led to believe.



We went on back to Bullara for the afternoon and didn’t do much, there’s not even any photos to prove it.  Had dinner round the fire with a large proportion of the other guests, and shared some homemade bread that Mr John had prepared earlier.  Thanks John!



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