Day 18

Karijini – Truck Stop, near Port Hedland

After enjoying the delights of Weano Gorge yesterday, we decided that rather than take off from Karijini first thing this morning, we would explore another gorge and then head out.

It is amazing how two gorges in such close physical proximity can be similar and yet so different.

Looking down into the gorge before starting down.

dales_gorge_looking_inThe walk (or maybe clamber) down into the gorge was a lot more difficult today, but we managed just fine.  Because of this, and the fact my camera was low on batteries (and eventually died), there are not quite as many photos of Dale’s Gorge as there were of Weano.

dales_gladeOur final destination in the gorge was Fern’s Pool.  Here’s the ferns.



The water was refreshing, and I even braved it and went in.  In the pool are hundreds of small fish, and they like to nibble your toes, I will confess that it freaked me out a little every time it happened.  I wasn’t very brave.

dales_fern_poolApart from the fish this pool is also home to fruit bats.  These scored high on the interesting factor for the kids.

dales_fruit_batsFinishing at the pool it was time to back track, and back past Fortescue Falls, which I hadn’t photographed earlier.  This is when the cameras started running out of batteries.



Elisha decided that he didn’t want to swim in Fern Pool, I think that was because of the depth and the fish, but he was most certainly going to go in the water at Fortescue Falls. He went in.

dales_fortescue_elishaBut not for long.  It was slippery and cold.  Very cold.



We stopped here for some snacks, dried off a bit, and started the climb out.

Lunch in the caravan, and some icy poles to finish off with. I’m thankful for multiple cameras!



While the children were finishing up their icy poles I took the opportunity to wander the car park and take some photos of the flora. When I think of the Australian bush, I do not automatically think of flowers and colour, but when I stopped to take a closer, more careful look today, I was surprised.  It is there, just subtle.






dales_flora6We were sad to say good bye to Karijini National Park, yet excited about what might be ahead.  Some spectacular scenery on the way out. Though photos never quite do justice to what you see with your eyes.




We had to pull off the road to let two trucks with huge pieces of equipment on them go past.

big_truckWe had planned to stop in a truck stop half way between Karijini and Port Hedland, but we missed it.

‘Oh, well,’ we thought, ‘we’ll stop at the next one.’  but the next one was closed for maintenance.  So we stopped at the next one.  Which happened to be right at the junction of the two major roads leading into Port Hedland.  A very busy truck rest stop.  It wasn’t really all that restful.


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  1. Where’s the post where you say, “We’re really stuffed and decided to not do anything today?”

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