Day 19

Truck Stop, near Port Hedland – Port Hedland

Being parked in the truck stop, we were all awake fairly early, except Jos, who seems to be able to sleep through just about anything.

Headed into town to the good ol’ tourist bureau to find out the best place for us to stay, and a few ideas for what to do during our time in Hedland.

We popped over to a gallery to have a look at a photographic exhibition on rodeo.  Some fantastic photos.  And some lovely sculpture out the front.



Headed into Port Hedland, into the caravan park (our most expensive stay so far), and then went  to  run some errands and do some shopping.  Macca’s for lunch.

Then of to the free water play park.  The kids were not keen at first about running through the water, but they warmed up to the idea pretty quickly. I have to say that I think water parks like these – especially the fact that it was free – are a great idea, and I wish there were more of them around.  Thanks Port Hedland.









And where was Brett?


And then, when the kids were enjoying themselves and getting completely into it the water died.  Just slowed down and stopped.  A man came and told us that a valve had broken and they no idea how long it would take to fix it.

We took them over to the swimming pool to counter the disappointment.  About five minutes after they’d gotten in, they were cold and wanted to get out.  But they stuck it out and ended up playing for quite some time.




There was also a wave machine, a Latitube, at the pool, and it was very interesting watching people coming in and learning how to use it.  It looked hard, but fun.


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