Day 23

Stanley Rest Area – Broome

We left the rest area pretty early this morning and arrived in Broome late in the morning.  We parked the caravan in the caravan park and went into Broome for lunch.

After lunch we went to Cable Beach.  First up was exploring the rock pools and shore line.





The rock pools were made even more fun by the discovery of a crab.



cable_beach_josAll over the beach were these tiny little sand balls arranged around a hole.  Brett and I tried digging in the sand to find what created this, but we did not meet with success.  Our guess is it was a crab.


We forgot to bring bathers down to the beach, but the children were more than happy to play in the water in their clothes.  This fairly rapidly progressed to swimming, and even a bit of body surfing.

cable_beach_swimcable_beach_surfBrett went back up for a rest and a coffee, and I watched the kids.  When he came back, I did a bit of beach combing.



Slowly a cloud rolled in over the ocean.  It was quite impressive.

cable_beach_cloudWe left Cable Beach and the main part of Broome and headed back to the caravan park.

And that is when the battle began.  Mosquitoes!  Hundreds and thousands and millions of mosquitoes.  In the caravan.  We were pretty sure they were just coming in with us as we popped in and out of the caravan, but in the end we decided that couldn’t be the case.  So we started trying to work out where they came in.

The airconditioner got glad wrapped up.  But still they came in.

The sky light got wrapped up.  Aha, we had it.  They were pouring in there.

And then Brett saw one commando wriggle in the side of an air vent.  So that got taped up too.

And later Brett discovered some in the rangehood above the stove.  That also got the glad wrap treatment.


But at a price.  There were many bites inflicted.  I even got them on the soles of my feet!

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