Day 24

Broome – Derby

We’ve discovered that leaving bright and early in the morning means we arrive at our destination with time left in the day to do something!

We arrived in Derby approaching lunch time.  Stopped outside the information centre.  As we hopped out of the car we were greeted by some of the locals who were carving boab nuts.  We chatted with them and watched them as they worked on the nut.  It was very well done.

In the information centre we worked out where to stay.  As we came out we caught up with the carvers and purchased the now completed nut.  Now to keep it safe from breakage for the rest of the trip!

We set up at the caravan park and eventually headed out again to see the local tourist attractions.

The prison boab tree.

prison_boab_treeElisha spotted a Rainbow Bee Eater close by, and I chased it with the camera until I got a shot I was happy with.

derby_rainbow_bee_eaterWe also spotted a couple more birds as we were going back to the car.



We stopped quickly to look at the big drinking trough.  I can’t remember how many cattle could be watered here at once, but it was quite a few.



I was quite fascinated with the boab trees and how different trees were in different points in their cycle. Some were bare, some had seeds, others leaves and nuts, and others still in full leaf with flowers.  They are a stunning tree.  Unique.

Here’s something else unique… the fast moving insects in this place.  We’re not sure how many days it was since Brett had used his shoes, but it couldn’t have been more than two or three (we think)…





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