Day 27

Fitzroy Crossing

This morning the kids helped do some weeding in the garden.  Then they randomly planted seeds in the freshly weeded dirt.  I wonder what is going to spring up in the weeks to come.  I hope it makes some kind of sense.

Later in the day we went to Donkey’s (Pass or Crossing or something).  When we arrived there was much complaining and angst because there was extreme mud at the water’s edge.

As an aside this reminds me of the housing estate that was being developed near Curtin University back home in Perth.  It was called Water’s Edge.  But of course when you say it, it sounds like Water Sedge.  Not the kind of place I’d like to live.  It’s now Cygnus something or other.  Much better.

Anyhoo, back to the muddy situation.  Cayley was all for getting in. Not much hesitation on her part.  Jos fairly quickly fell over in the mud, but he still wasn’t happy about going in.  The inflatable ring helped so much!


The person least happy about the messiness was Elisha.  Until he realised that it could be fun!



Jacob was happy to sit by and watch the action rather than get in on it!


The kids spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the mud and water.  We had to spend a bit of time cleaning them up before letting them in the car to go home!  I reckon next time it wont take them so long to get in the mud to start with!


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  1. Elisha all that mud must have been great. I don’t know that swimming hole but Geikie Gorge I found to be very spectacular. (I think I have the right spelling) Reading through your blog I can see you are enjoying the trip. From what I’ve seen on the TV weather you are having a lot of rain in the Kimberley which is not seasonal.

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