Day 29

Fitzroy Crossing

Today we visited Geike Gorge.  It was a beautiful location, and we saw some awesome sights, but we did not enjoy ourselves the whole time… But first, some pictures.


walking_geikieThere was an abundance of flora, lots of greenery and shade for our walk through the gorge.


The most stunning feature of Geikie Gorge however, is the limestone reef which has been carved away (to form the gorge) by the Fitzroy River. Some gorgeous rock formations too.




On the way in, we walked in on the side furthest from the riverside.  Very close to the rocks.  geikie_gorge2We could look over the dry portion of the riverbed to the opposite wall of the gorge.

geikie_gorge3We were very excited to discover a bower.  I think Cayley spotted it.  I walked straight past it.  Guess it wasn’t at my eye level.  Nice spot Cayley.

geikie_bowerWhen we reached the end of the path we decided to head back by the riverside route.  Which was a bad move.  There was lots of sun, minimal shade and lots and lots of sand.  The result of these conditions was very grumpy children.  Let’s just say if anyone was hoping for a peaceful walk in the gorge that day, it’s not what they got.

We did make it back eventually though.


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    1. Thanks Nicole. It’s so amazing to be able to experience all these wonders of creation.

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