Day 32

Halls Creek

This morning we walked into town. Compared to Fitzroy Crossing, Halls Creek is huge.  Halls Creek has several shops in a row on the main street – a strip if you like!

We enjoyed morning tea at the bakery before wandering back toward home.

The butcher here has a very interesting method of advertising.

hc_butcherWe also popped into the Tourist Information Centre, and on the way there saw the tribute to Russian Jack.

hc_russian_jackRussian Jack was a gold miner in Halls Creek in the late 1800s during the gold rush here.  He is famous for pushing a sick friend in his wheelbarrow all the way to Wyndham for medical attention. That’s what I call a good friend!

Once we were back home we headed out to Palm Springs and Saw Pit Gorge for a look around.

Palm Springs was gorgeous, and great for a swim.  There was lots of little fish in the water, and the kids enjoyed pulling grass seeds off stalks to feed them.  Brett and the kids also went exploring in the rocks over the other side of the spring.




palm_spring_swimSaw Pit Gorge does not have a constant source of water like Palm Spring, and the water was not suitable for swimming.  The rock formations here were amazing.  Like someone had turned the layers of rock on their side.







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