Day 33

Halls Creek

Today was a very quiet day.  Brett was not in such a good state and needed to rest.

James was at work and Kat left for Broome, so we were on our own for the day.

I took Elisha and Cayley down the road to town later in the morning.  Jos stayed home.  Brett rested and Jos entertained himself.  We went to the Op Shop which was open, and managed to come out without buying anything!  We also went to A Lot on 95 (I think it was 95) which was having a closing down sale.  There was a lot of great stuff there.

Then to IGA for a few bits and pieces that we needed.

On our way to the shops we noticed a dead crow on the side of the road.  Cayley had to take a photo of it on the way back home.  Yes I let her.  I will save you the share of that photo.

Because we’d had such a quiet day the kids were pretty restless later in the afternoon.  We decided to put their extra energy to use, and got them to do some raking and sweeping in the front yard.  This helped immensely.


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