Day 34

Halls Creek

Today we took a trip to look at a few different sights… China Wall and Old Halls Creek.  It shouldn’t have been too long a trip.  Except we missed the turn off to Old Halls Creek and ended up all the way back at Palm Spring before we realised that we had definitely gone too far.  Oops.

So back we went again.

Stopped in Old Halls Creek.

This is the post office.  It was built from a mixture of hay and ants’ hill mud.  It does look like a huge ants’ nest in some ways.

old_hc_poIt’s quite strange seeing street signs in the middle of bush and nothing else.


old_hc_sign2Elisha and I followed that sign to the cemetery, but everyone else stayed in the car while we went. It was a very old cemetery and in pretty poor disrepair.  But very interesting none the less.  Elisha and I took lots of photos.

This car was on the way to the cemetery.



Here is the cemetery.




flower_tombstoneThen back to China Wall, which was only about five minutes down the road out of Halls Creek.  We missed it!

When we arrived Brett noticed a nail in the tyre, and pulled it out.  No damage fortunately.


China Wall was fascinating.  Although I’m only sharing the one picture there were also two other lines just like this, each one progressively lower.  And this one was visible for quite a long way down the road, just not as obvious or impressive.

china_wallAnd here’s Cayley loving on Atticus!



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