Day 36

Halls Creek – Bungle Bungle Caravan Park

Not many photos today either.  We packed and got ready to leave this morning.  I did a run to the IGA to pick up a few more foodstuffs, and filled the fuel tanks.

When I got home I helped Brett to get the caravan ready to hook up.  When he backed the car in and came around to hitch it he encountered a problem.  The hitch adaptor was gone.  Gone.

So Kat ran him down the road to get another.  Not a good start.

I made him take a couple of photos of the ends so that he could get the right adaptor.  And that’s all I have photos of from today.


hitch2All fixed, we set off.

We arrived at the caravan park about not too long after lunch.  We had something to eat and then had a bit of a restful afternoon.

Later on in the day the kids had an ice cream and then we sat around the fire pit and got to know some of the other guests at the park.  Sausage sizzle for dinner.  Finally to bed not too late for our adventure tomorrow!


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