Day 40


Today we went a’touring.

First stop – The Grotto.  One of the most common phrases we’ve heard up this part of Australia is, “Isn’t it beautiful?  But you should see it in the wet season!” The Grotto I can see for sure would be a lot more stunning in the wet.



In the wet, this has a torrential waterfall flowing down and then through.  On another note, here’s Brett trying to give me heart failure.

grotto_brettAnd a boab tree growing up the side.  Speaking of boabs, I’m surprised I haven’t taken more photos of these gorgeous trees.  Probably something to do with the fact that we are usually driving when I see one I want to capture.

grotto_boabNext it was on to the Wyndham Crocodile Farm.  This is not the most elaborate of crocodile experiences, but seeing as we’re planning on fishing fromt the river later in the week, it is important as an education experience for the kids.  Because some of my children, no naming today, think that if they are attacked by a crocodile they could
* poke it in the eye
* put a stick in its mouth
* jump on its back
* or just know that is there and be gone before it jumps out.

I’ve never really seen a crocodile before.  Only Simmo at Perth Zoo, so this was quite the experience for me.

The first crocodile we visited was Doc.  Our guide had someone throw a large plastic container on a rope near the water’s edge of his enclosure and then pull it back and repeat.  Just as she was saying (after the third or fourth throw) that he might not come out today, WOOSH, there he was.  He submerged and came out again a couple more times.  It is amazing, and quite scary, how gone he was when he was submerged.  The murky water didn’t look that deep, but there was not one sign to indicate he was there.


docNot there.




Here’s a few more shots from the croc farm.








Our guide regaled us with many crocodile horror stories – both with why the crocs had been brought to the farm, and things the crocs had tried at the park.  Stories like the lady who was hanging out her washing and turned around to find a croc had eaten her poodle.  Or the croc who ate a horse.  Or the croc who jumped up onto the fence and was hanging half over, a bit stuck, and the staff member climbed a tree.  An hour later when they realised she hadn’t come back from feeding the crocs she was still up the tree and he was sitting at the bottom waiting for her.

After the croc farm, we went and took a look at the jetty.  It is a pretty special design because of the high tides – it floats on the water and is raised and  lowered by the tides.

wyndham_jettyThen we went on to the Five Rivers Lookout.  We had lunch here.  There were a couple of tour buses here, but we didn’t score any food today.  We must have appeared well fed enough.

You can just see the jetty in this first photo.


5rivers2Here’s a map of all the rivers converging here.

5rivers_mapOn our way out of Wyndham we bought some fuel (it was cheaper in Wyndham that in Kununurra) and stopped to take a look at the giant croc.

wyndham_giant_crocOur next stop was Lily Creek Lagoon.  Wow.  This spot was amazing.  It is a haven for a lot of birdlife.  I’m not sure how many different birds we saw here today.   But it was a lot!  And yes, there were lilies.  And plenty of them.







lily_creek_lagoon6As we were leaving John pointed out some brolgas too me, and I took a couple of photos, but I didn’t adjust the camera properly and the pictures are too overexposed to see anything.

We saw creatures other than birds, fish, this dragonfly…



But far and above, the most exciting thing at Lily Creek Lagoon, would have to have been the little bat that flew around the hide.  It found a neat little spot to hide and I was able to get a close up picture of him.  The kids were so excited they were telling everyone entering that there was a bat.

lily_creek_lagoon_batThis is a picture of the lagoon from the distance.

lily_creek_lagoon_distanceFrom here we took the Old Halls Creek Road to Ivanhoe Crossing.  It is closed to traffic now, until it is inspected for safety, but it was nice to dip our toes into the water.  The kids enjoyed exploring the riverbank.


ivanhoe_crossing4I was going to make dough, and we were going to have delicious home made pizza for dinner.  But by the time we got back to the house it was too late to get started.  So we bought pizza, and had delicious bought pizza instead.










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