Day 41


Another quiet day today.

I can’t even remember what we did this morning.  Not a great deal of anything that’s for sure.

Brett took the time to take a couple of photos of the dirt/mud on Gunter (that’s the name of our car, just in case you were wondering).


About lunch time we packed up our bathers and towels, grabbed some bread, and headed over to the Ivanhoe Caravan Park where my cousins were staying.  We took Michaela with us too. They are also travelling around Australia at the moment.  They started in Victoria, went up through the middle and are staying in Kununurra at the moment.

I don’t get to see them very often, so it was nice to be able to catch up with them.  The kids enjoyed swimming in the pool while Brett and Marcus cooked the sausages on the barbecue.  I think the water must have been fairly chilly, because they spent more time playing around the outside of the pool than being in it.


ivanhoe_park2Lunch was fairly scarfed down and then the kids retreated into the lawn area to play, which meant the adults could chat without too much interruption.



And what high quality playing was undertaken.  I just love how much kids love nature, and how much imagination can be used with a handful of sticks and some leaves. I present you the castle.



And then the park put a movie on, so all that nature play was stopped in an instant. Voila.

ivanhoe_park_movieIt was a lovely afternoon, and nice to get some ideas for where to go and what to expect for the Northern Territory, and be able to share some ideas about where we’ve been.  What we didn’t realise until we were almost ready to go, was that we’ll be able to catch up with them again at the other end of our trip!  See you then Jeannie and Marcus.  Happy travelling.




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