Day 44


This morning when Elisha went to hop out of the caravan he spotted a couple of finches in front of the door.  He asked if he could take a couple of photos.


finch2I was very excited about the finches, and wanted to see if I could get some good shots.  So I opened the doors and sat on the step, cameras in hand.  They were pretty hard to capture as they move around a lot.  But I got a few nice photos in the end.






finch8The first few photos are of the crimson finch, and the last two of the double barred.

We spent the morning getting ready to go out to the Keep River to see if we could catch a Barramundi.

While Nicolene was rigging up the fishing lines I was ever so helpful and sat next to her and chatted!  Took a couple of photos of Tank and Dozer.


dozerWhen John got home from work (he finished early), we set out for the Keep River – in the Northern Territory!

I have to tell you that I was pretty nervous the whole time about crocs in the river, but still managed to have a good time.  Nicolene caught some live bait, but the tide was a bit too far out, and it was quite difficult.  The tide being out meant there was more room for the kids to play around though.



It took a bit of convincing the kids that they needed to stay well back from the water’s edge, but eventually they found a lovely sticky, muddy patch of ground and settled in to play.  Nicolene and I fished, and Brett and John sat up top with baby Isobel.

keep_river4After some time the kids moved up the top with the menfolk.  It was at this point that we spotted a couple of crocs.  There was a splash over the far side of the river which we at first thought was a barra.  But then we realised that it was a croc, and there was another heading towards it from the opposite direction.  They had a non-fight, the smaller one submitted by running away, and shortly after we spotted a croc floating around the middle of the river, then back to the edge.

The croc is somewhere in this photo – a few pixels worth somewhere.


Once the sun started got below the horizon we made a pretty quick exit and headed home.  No catches for keeps today.  One throw back catfish for Nicolene.  We’ll keep trying to catch a keeper!

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