Day 49


We found a lizard outside the caravan.  It was teensy.

katherine_lizardWe took a trip out to Northern Territory Rare Rocks.  We let the kids spend some of their pocket money.  It was so fun to watch them try and work out the best way to spend their cash.  Rare Rocks was an interesting store – the gentleman who owns it has collected the rocks from around Australia (I think mostly the Northern Territory) over the last thirty years.

This got the kids very excited about fossicking, and we will probably stop in Tennant Creek to see if we can find ourselves some gemstones.

As we were leaving we saw an interesting pair.

katherine_friendsWe stopped at Katherine River to take a look and decided to take a walk to the hot springs.  They turned out to be quite a bit further away than we thought, so Brett went back for the car while the kids and I went on.

At the river.




On the way to the hot springs there were a lot of insects – however the tiny flighty things aren’t all that easy to photograph.  Here’s the only one worth sharing.

katherine_butterflyThe hot springs looked wonderful.  I didn’t go in, I was on guard duty today.  But I got to take some photos.




katherine_springs4And then we packed up and I drove back to the caravan park.  Everyone else walked.  Yes it really was that close.  I’m not sure why we didn’t just drive to the caravan park and start out from there in the first place… next time!



2 thoughts on “Day 49”

  1. That sounds so amazing! The NT is beautiful, and you all look like you’re really loving exploring!

    1. Thanks Tiki! We are having a great time, although, as I’ll eventually get to blogging about, Kakadu has killed some of our technology. Hopefully we can sort it all out in Katherine tomorrow. Any recommendations for this part of the world? We’re heading down Tennant Creek and then east.

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