Day 50

Katherine – Pussy Cat Flats

(Having a hard time remembering what we did because I’m getting so far behind, so going to keep it short and sweet with photos.)

Today on our way out of Katherine we visited Edith Falls.  It was particularly nice because it wasn’t much of a walk from the car park to the falls. A lot of them have quite a walk.

Here’s the falls from a distance.

edith_fallsHere they are a bit closer.

edith_falls_closeAlthough the water was quite deep at the stairs where you got into the water, there was one shallow area that got you across to the little bank in the middle.  The kids loved this.

edith_falls_bankWith the amount of time that we’ve been spending in the water, the kids confidence and ability has improved so much.  Well, Jos not so much, but Cayley and Elisha very noticeably. Elisha is able to swim further, and Cayley will quite happily swim where she can’t reach the bottom.  She even piggy backs Jos!

edith_falls_swimIt was beautiful, I’m so glad we stopped there.

edith_falls2We had lunch in the caravan in the car park, and then continued on to our stop for the night. Pussy Cat Flats.  It was different!  But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s post, because I didn’t take any photos today.






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