Day 51

Pussy Cat Flats – Litchfield

So, as we left Pussy Cat Flats this morning I remembered that I wanted to take some photos of the signs.  But as I was getting ready to do that, I spotted something even more interesting.  Another bower.  The birds flew away so I didn’t get them.  Great bower though!

pcf_bower pcf_bower2And here is evidence of the casual nature of the caravan park.

I’ll put the signs in the order you’d see them as you drive in.

psf_entrance pcf_sign2 pcf_sign1We left and headed to Litchfield National Park.  We stayed at Pandanus Caravan Park.

I feel like I have mentioned something about the Northern Territory and burning off before, though I can’t remember in what way.  There is always burning off going on.  In fact, in some of the tourism information there are large advertisements stating this.  I wonder how many calls the poor fire brigade get every year from helpful but uninformed tourists?  Too many is my guess.  Here’s the smoke and fire picture for today.


After parking the caravan we got into our bathers and headed out to Sandy Creek (otherwise known as Tjaynera Falls).  These falls did have a bit of a hike to get to them.  A 3.5 km hike!  The kids did pretty well considering.

I always pictured the Northern Territory as being a whole lot of nothing.  Dry, barren and so on.  I guess I kind of forgot that the top is really in a tropical zone.  Sandy Creek is gorgeous and lush.  Here’s a few from the hike in.

litchfield_sandy_creek1 litchfield_sandy_creek3 litchfield_sandy_creek2The falls were so pretty.  I took a couple of quick photos before going in for a swim. Here’s one.

litchfield_sandy_creek4This photo doesn’t really do justice to it at all.  The plunge pool was a lot bigger than it looks here, but because the water was deep (and very uneven with rocks) right from the entrance, I didn’t want to take the camera in.

We enjoyed a lovely swim.  It is unusual to swim in fresh water, from years of beach swimming I always expect the water to taste salty when it gets in my mouth! But not on the trip, I think we’ve done more fresh water than salt.

With the kids getting better at swimming we were all able to get about a fair bit of the pool.  Jos was clinging onto Brett’s back, Elisha swimming by himself, and me helping Cayley along from one shallow point to another.  Brett found a great spot to rest by a rock around the left hand side.  He’d been there a while when he noticed a water monitor.  Such a pity that we couldn’t get a photo of it.  It sat there not noticing us for ages, the kids got pretty close to it.  When it finally realised we were there it casually slid off the rock into the water a swam away.

Brett and the kids climbed out around the side and found a huge spider.  Then they got hold of the camera.  There are almost a couple of dozen photos (and attempted photos) of the beast.  Here’s the best of ’em.

Here it is with Jos and Cayley in the background.


From the side.


And just how ‘huge’ was this spider?  Here’s Elisha to give you a sense of scale.

litchfield_sandy_spider3The boys were too cold (and too hungry by the looks of it) to get back in the water, but Cayley hopped back in, and we worked on her back float a bit.


What is it about the sight and sound of running water, especially a waterfall, that is so mesmerising?  I don’t know, but it is.

litchfield_sandy_creek6Then the walk back to the car.  Not quite as good as the walk to the falls, but not too bad either. Seeing heaps of these guys around.  Green tree ants.




2 thoughts on “Day 51”

  1. I am really enjoying your trip Tara 🙂 IT looks lovely….. I too thought that the NT was nothing more than scrub and heat… Thanks so much for posting all of this 🙂

    1. I was amazed over and over at how full of life and greenery the NT is (well at least the top end!) Pray all is well with you and your clan. Mwah.

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