Day 53

Litchfield – Darwin

I slept last night with my foot up on a couple of pillows.  It felt so much better this morning.  I’m so thankful.  No crutches for me.

Before heading all the way to Darwin we decided to stop in at Batchelor Butterfly Farm.  Not only to take a look at the butterflies, but to take advantage of the fact we were in range there, and try and find a caravan park in Darwin with vacancies.  Being school holiday we expected this could be tricky.

The butterflies were gorgeous.







Cayley even ‘caught’ a butterfly.

batchelor8There were caterpillars too.


batchelor7The Batchelor Butterfly Farm has been around for about sixteen years.  The man who owns it decided to give it a shot combining several hobbies, to see if he could make a go of it as a business. Seems to have worked out okay.

Aside from the butterflies there were plenty of other interesting creatures that the kids could interact with.

Native penguins, chickens, parrots and other birds.

batchelor9Very hungry  bunnies.





We even saw The Very Hungry Caterpillar in a fashion.


There was a certain amount of self sufficiency going on too.  Lots of fruit and vegetables in the garden and a recently installed bore.  I’m not sure if the rabbits were anything along this line or not…

batchelor14We had some morning tea and left.  We almost left without paying.  Actually we did leave without paying, but as soon as we realised we turned around and went back.  They were too busy to take our payment when Brett ordered, and we were to pay when we were done.  Oops!

So on to Darwin.  I’d managed to find one caravan park about 26 kilometres south of Darwin, in Coolalinga, that still had plenty of vacancies. Everything else was fully booked.

Once settled in we headed out to Leanyer Water Park, which several people had told us about.  It was great.  The water playground itself was not running, but there was a huge wading pool, and the kids enjoyed playing in it.  Eventually Jos tired of playing here and asked if he could play on the water equipment even though it wasn’t going.  He got the hugest fright when he started clambering on it and it turned on!  Good timing Jos!

Nearly everyone in the pool migrated over to the playground.  It was so much fun. I’ve got heaps of photos but I’m going to limit myself today for your sake.

leanyer1 leanyer2 leanyer3 leanyer4




leanyer8Do you think they had fun?  Yeah!  And best of all (here’s the true Dutch in me rearing its head), it was free.  Free!

After playing at the water park we headed over to the Mindil Beach Markets.  I was looking forward to having a browse nd a bite to eat, and seeing the sun set.  I got a quick photo of the sunset, but the rest kind of didn’t work out quite as we’d hoped.  The kids had had enough for the day and we didn’t stay very long.  The sun set was pretty though.


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  1. HI Guys 🙂

    Wow Tara I’m glad that your ankle/ foot is feeling better 🙂
    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous family

    MWAH xx

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