Day 58

Jabiru, Kakadu

A bright and early start this morning… because… it’s someone’s birthday!

birthday_elisha1And the lucky winner is… Elisha!  Yes nine years ago (on the 23rd of July) a beautiful baby boy was born into the world.  And he’s our Elisha.  We love you so much Elisha, and enjoy seeing the wonderful young man God is growing you to be.


How does one celebrate in a caravan in Kakadu?  Simply, very simply.  And he loved it.

Presents before breakfast.  With hugs and kisses of course.

elisha_birthday3We had a pretty chilled out day today.  Didn’t really go anywhere special, just hung around and relaxed.

We made use of the pool.



The pool was lovely, with a waterfall, a huge beach entrance that Jos was happy to play in by himself because it wasn’t too deep, and all under shade.

There were cupcakes after dinner, and a candle of sorts too.

elisha_birthday4We had a lot of birthday guests today.  When I got the cupcakes out of the storage area under the chair, I discovered that they’d been discovered… by ants.

It took us a while to clean them up enough to be edible, and some were so infested they couldn’t be eaten, but Elisha can say he had hundreds of guests at his ‘party’!




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