Day 60

Jabiru, Kakadu

You’ll be happy to hear I’m sure, that we were not able to fix the memory card on my camera, we need to get a card reader.  And that will have to wait until we get to Katherine.  So just  a few photos today snapped on my phone.

First place to tell you about today is Yellow Water.  We walked out on the board walk and looked at the wildlife.  Not much that I was able to take photos of, but we saw lots of birds, insects, and most excitingly a snake.  Possibly a golden tree snake (though it was in the grass!)

It was very pretty.

yellow_water1yellow_water2yellow_water3yellow_water4Next we went onto Anbangbang billabong.  This was a tough choice as there was also the option of seeing more aboriginal rock art, a more recent work.  But we decided the climb would be too much so late in the day and a walk around the billabong would be more suitable.  And we could still see the rock where the artwork is – Nourlangie.

It was a little freaky at times as there were lots of warning signs saying that crocodiles have been sighted away from the billabong up near the path.  But we didn’t see any crocodiles until right near the end of our walk, and it was in the water.

We did see lots  of birds though.

arnbangbang1A couple of kangaroos.


And a crocodile.  You can’t see it very clearly, but it is near the egret (white bird).

anbangbang4And here’s a view of Nourlangie.

anbangbang5That’s it for pictures today!  A short and sweet one for a change.





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