So far behind

So I’ve just posted day 63. Keep checking below this post for updates!

Since then we’ve had (and I need to catch up on

64: Tennant Creek
65: Tennant Creek
66: Tennant Creek – Avon Downs
67: Avon Downs – Mount Isa
68: Mount Isa – Cloncurry
69: Cloncurry – Richmond
70: Richmond
71: Richmond
72: Richmond – Near Pentland
73: Near Pentland – Charters Towers
74: Charters Towers
75: Charters Towers
76: Charters Towers – Greenvale
77: Greenvale –
78 – Atherton

I think that’s right!  I will slowly catch up again, but wanted to let you know where we’re at.

2 thoughts on “So far behind”

  1. Looks like an amazing trip. Your children are really lucky to have this experience. I hope they treasure it. Great pictures! Have lots more fun.

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