Day 62

Katherine – Daly Waters

Wow, we fit a lot in today.  We left Katherine and had our first stop at Bitter Springs in Mataranka.  My, the water was such a gorgeous blue.  Must have been the minerals in it.  Hey guess what, now that we’ve recovered the photos I’ve got a camera back.


Although this was a beautiful spot, and the water was warm, it wasn’t the best for kids, as the water was quite deep, and there was a fairly strong current.  Which meant Cayley and Jos couldn’t really play on their own.  Brett was busy.

bitter_springs2This next photo makes Brett and I laugh so much.  I wanted to get a nice shot of Elisha in the water, because he was swimming so well by himself, and having such a great time even with the more difficult conditions.  But he was between two trees, and I was telling him which way to move to get him in just the right spot for the photo.  Then this gentleman behind him gave him rabbit ears.  Elisha had no idea.  He took the ears down before I took the photo, but I asked him to do it again.  It’s particularly funny, because Elisha gives someone rabbit ears nearly every time I try to take a group photo that he is in.  It was even better that he was oblivious.

bitter_springs3From here we went a little way down the road to Mataranka Thermal Pool.  On the way we stopped so I could take some photos of the statues in the park.  They are of characters from the book/movie ‘We Of The Never Never’. Mataranka is where the Elsey station was located. This is Jeannie (the author of the book) and her husband, Aeneas Gunn. I didn’t get the names of any of the other statues as I needed to get back in the car quick smart.



We went to the Mataranka caravan park, the thermal pool is inside the park, but is open to the public who aren’t staying there.  Outside the park is the Elsey homestead.  This house was built for the movie.

never_never5Just the walk to the pool was gorgeous.

mataranka1Once again the water was beautiful, warm and blue.  If I had to pick between Bitter Springs and Mataranka I’d personally go for Bitter Springs, it felt more natural.  But Mataranka was better for the kids as there was less current pulling them, and some shallow areas where even Jos was able to stand.



For me, who wasn’t going in the water again there was gorgeous greenery to give some shade.

mataranka4Everyone hopped out, dripped off a bit, abluted and back into the car to Daly Waters.

daly_waters1daly_waters2We stayed at the pub.  It was a cheap stay, and we even had power.  The pub itself is quite well known.  Here’s a few photos I took.  They’ll show you why.daly_waters3daly_waters4daly_waters5daly_waters6


And here’s an interesting snippet of information about the Daly Water Pub.


We parked the van, booked in for dinner and then took a quick stroll over to the old police station and post office.


daly_waters9We locked Brett and Jos in,


but we decided the accommodations really were too nice for them, so we made them come out again.daly_waters11

We had dinner at the pub.  Brett and I had their beef ‘n’ barra special, and it was lovely.  The kids each had a kid’s meal, and they were a decent size. Ther was even free entertainment, though with the kids going to bed we missed most of that.

We did spend a little bit of time before dinner doing some cash for containers scrounging. Earning the kids some pocket money.

Thanks Daly Waters for a great stay.

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