Day 63

Daly Waters – Tennant Creek

I can’t believe I’m going to post these photos.  They are embarrassing to say the least.  But I’m nothing if not honest.   So here goes.

We’ve become professional dumpster divers.  Okay, not full dumpsters, but bins.  Northern Territory offer a Cash for Containers incentive. And we’ve been encouraging the kids to get the containers for their pocket money.  Each container – glass bottles, cans, plastic drink containers, juice boxes, and small milk cartons.  But of course, most of these are in bins. I wont go through the whole transition but this is what it has become.

Stopping at rest stops and digging in the bins.  And of course if the bins aren’t full then mum has to do the digging because the kids aren’t tall enough.




Here’s me doing my bit for the kids.

bins3What’s that?  That’s not what you wanted to see?  How about this then?



Then we got all very cleaned up and back on our way.

Stopped at Three Ways for an afternoon snack, they had a very cool mural on the wall.

three_waysYes, we picked up a bit more rubbish too.

Then continued on to our stop for tonight – Tennant Creek.



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