Day 65

Tennant Creek

We picked up the money the kids earned collecting containers this morning.  They got $18.80 to split between the three of them.  Not too shabby.

Another photo heavy post today, but when you see things as amazing as this you can’t help but take photos! I’ll do my best to cut it down from the fifty or so I took today.

So, feeling much better today (I’m hoping Brett will guest post about yesterday, seeing as I was out for the count), and we decided we could manage an outing.

Where did we go?  Devil’s Marbles.  Wow.  We all had a lot of fun, me taking photos the kids posing for them.  devils_marbles1

As you’ll see, Elisha was particularly into thinking up things to do with the ‘marbles’.


devils_marbles5devils_marbles6devils_marbles8devils_marbles7devils_marbles9Here’s Jos, a marble and… of course, a stick!

devils_marbles10And here’s the marble he dubbed – ‘sliced polony’.

devils_marbles11I found a pretty flower too.

devils_marbles12I’m so glad that we decided to come and have a look at the Devil’s Marbles, they are truly an amazing part of creation.  Awe inspiring.

We were going to turn around and go home, but the kids, Elisha in particular convinced us that they really, really wanted to go on to Wycliffe Well.

aliens1It was a little bit different. Unusual.

aliens2I met some strange people there too.

aliens3Some very strange people.

aliens4Wycliffe Well is known as the UFO capital of Australia.  This is the sign welcoming you to ‘town’ (it’s pretty much just a roadhouse and caravan park).



There were a few other things to see outside the roadhouse…

aliens6aliens7aliens8… and inside the roadhouse (though I got a little camera shy, and I’m also not sure if we looked at everything)

aliens9When we came back outside from the roadhouse the two green men had found a green lady.

aliens10We ducked into the caravan park and dodged the sprinklers to say ‘Hi,’ to Hulk.

aliens11And we spotted Darth Vader too.

aliens12We didn’t see him, but I’ve since heard that Elvis lives here too.

Well, we didn’t see any real live UFOs, but let me tell you this, the fuel prices were out of this world.

aliens13And then it was back to Tennant Creek.














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