Day 66

Tennant Creek – Avon Downs

We travelled for most of today. From Tennant Creek we headed back to Three Ways and then started our eastward journey.

We are continuously surprised by how regularly the landscape changes.  This was our first stop today.

to_avon_downs1How beautiful is that? And what is that near the car you ask?  I’m so glad you asked, Brett especially took a close up of it for you.

to_avon_downs2I did some driving after this rest stop.  Cayley wasn’t happy about that, so made her own steering wheel and did some back seat driving.

to_avon_downs3We’re staying in a free camp spot tonight.  It is an interesting location.  It’s in the middle of nowhere really, I think there is an aboriginal community somewhere not too far away, but there are no signs of it from here.  However there is a police station across the road.  Bizarre.

We’ve had a great time here.  We arrived mid afternoon and had a late lunch.  There weren’t too many other campers here when we arrived, but other people started arriving soon after. Among those who came was another family with children, four kids.  And our three had a wonderful time playing with them.  They made all sorts of things with what they found laying around the camp site… traps for birds and insects, a nest, bow and arrow, and collected wood and other burnables for a fire.

We ate dinner outside in the sunset around the fire.  Lovely.




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