Day 69

Cloncurry – Richmond

On the move again today. Down the Barkly Highway.  Oh what a road.  So bumpy.  It is a sealed road, and so you think it is okay to go eighty to ninety kilometres per hour, but then you hit the bumps.  And what bumps they are.

Look what happened!

barklysnapThis was discovered during our stop to eat a bite of lunch.  Elisha was over at the caravan doing something, and Brett turned around to call him and see where he was, and then shouted out an exclamation of shock and surprise.  I thought something had happened to Elisha, so was quite relieved to see it was the bike rack.

The stop obviously ended up being quite extended while we sorted ourselves out.

A lovely ‘grey nomad’ stopped in behind us a while later and said he’d seen the bike rack looking a bit broken and tried to call us on the CB radio.  ‘Cept we don’t have one.

We fixed it up as best we could, and stowed Elisha and Cayley’s bikes in the caravan as securely as possible and headed onward to Richmond.

Richmond is part of Australia’s dinosaur trail, where the Sea of Carpenteria used to be many years ago.

I just love the toilet labelling.

richmond_toiletWe also went down to Lake Fred Tritton, and the kids played at the water park and on the playground and exercise equipment.

fred_trittonI stalked some brolgas.

richmond_brolgasWe are going to spend a few days here and see if we can get the bike rack fixed over the weekend, otherwise on Monday.






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