Day 76

Charters Towers – Greenvale

We’ve left lovely Charters Towers behind.  Drove to Greenvale today.  We haven’t been out of the caravan park, we’re stopping here tonight so we can go somewhere very exciting tomorrow.  Can’t wait.

On our way to Greenvale we stopped in at the Bluewater Springs Roadhouse to use the facilities and buy some chips to go with lunch.

While I was waiting for the chips to be cooked, Brett and the kids spotted a bumblebee.  Do you know how hard it is to take a photo of a bumblebee?

Here’s a clue.bluewater_springs_beeIt was a case of Murphy’s Law.  Every time I got out there with the camera the bee would fly away to another tree or something. I’d tell Brett it was gone, he’d go and look and it would come back – over and over.

I managed to snap a couple of shots of it, but it wasn’t very co-operative about facing in such a manner to face its best side to the camera.

At least lunch was awesome.

Greenvale Caravan Park was lovely.  I didn’t take any photos though.  We met a couple travelling with a bird – it was an Indian Ringneck.  Beautiful.

There were horses close by too, and Cayley spent quite a bit of time trying to coax one over to the fence for something to eat and a pat.  But I don’t think she was very successful.

Brett treated Elisha and Jos for headlice.  Jos screamed.  A lot.  At least it’s done for a week.

For the first time this trip, I pulled out the paint and paper, and the kids had a play with that. Which was fun.

Can’t wait to show you what we’re seeing tomorrow! Although photos might be tricky.

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