Day 80


Yesterday the kids took their breakfast things to the camp kitchen and joined their friends for their first meal of the day.  I think they were hoping for the same today, but it was just us.  Nice though.atherton_kitchenAgain, mostly chilling out today, though we did take a quick trip into town to the Crystal Caves. The kids have taken a real shine to all things rocks, mineral and gemstone.  This tourist spot had some pretty amazing things to see, and set out in a fun way for the kids.crystal_caves1It wasn’t quite so easy for those a bit taller.crystal_caves2There were lots of different kinds of crystals, rocks, minerals and gemstones to look at.  Amazing really.crystal_caves3This fountain is made from rose quartz.  Lots and lots of rose quartz.crystal_caves4Here it is again without the flash on, so you can see the light coming through the quartz.crystal_caves5And this was the major attraction in the ‘caves’ – a giant amethyst geode – the Empress of Uruguay. She was amazing!crystal_caves6Here’s a few more great looking exhibits. This one probably has to be my favourite out of the crystals.  Amazing the shape that they form.crystal_caves7And look at the patterns in this one.crystal_caves8I also tend to be drawn to all blue stones… I think blue must secretly be my favourite colour (I always tell the kids rainbow). Look at this – made from one piece of lapis lazuli.  Amazing detail.crystal_caves9crystal_caves10Some more interestingly shaped (naturally) pyrites.crystal_caves11And one very cool (?) car.crystal_caves12Actually, I don’t think I would drive it!

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