Day 81


We saw some mind blowing trees today.  Any ideas what I’m talking about? Yeah, the curtain fig and the cathedral fig.  Wowee.

First up the curtain fig.

A very pleasant and short walk to the tree.curtain_fig1A first glimpse of the tree.curtain_fig2And then… curtain_fig3I wont give you too many photos, because I took heaps – Brett wants lots to look back on for his writing.  But for those who are interested in the how and why of these things… here you go!curtain_fig4Next stop was Lake Eacham which is a volcano crater.lake_eacham1We saw quite a bit of wildlife – several species of fish, turtles, brush turkeys and robins.  Still no sign of a cassowary, although there are signs about everywhere warning us not to feed them.  You know what else I haven’t seen?  A cane toad.  Does anyone know if they are more active in the wet season?  I’m already assuming they are nocturnal?  We might have seen bats too.

And then, the cathedral fig.  Another fantastic tree. First view of it.cathedral_fig1And inside it.  Hard to show the size of it in one photo.cathedral_fig2Isn’t this just so lush?cathedral_fig3

Our final stop for today was Lake Tinaroo.  The drive to the lake was a little bit scary.  Lots of narrow dirt road, and even more potholes.  We couldn’t believe that people were coming the opposite way with caravans, and were very thankful we didn’t have ours.

The kids had a bit of a swim, some lunch, made some friends and checked out both the playgrounds.  We also found a tick on Jos and he completely freaked out! But we removed it in spite of the carry on.  Poor guy.lake_tinaroo1I just have to say how much I love this flying fox.  Safe without being boring!lake_tinaroo2lake_tinaroo3

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