Day 90

Cairns – Babinda

I know I’ve been raving a bit about the caravan park we’ve been staying in, but I haven’t really told you all that much about it.  So let me give you a bit of a run down. I even forgot to mention what happens when a guest arrives.  Our standard practice is Brett drives to the reception parking area, I jump out and see if we can get a spot, and then jump back in the car and we go to our spot and park.  Not at Coconut Resort.  Here I booked in, and then we all had to get out and take a tour, because there is so much to see.  And the tour bus?coconut_carsWe went in Nemo.

There were carts and this special bike for hire.  We didn’t hire anything, but it sure looked interesting.coconut_multi_bikeFor those not game to walk in the real deal, there is a mini (and I mean mini) rain forest walk.coconut_rainforest_walkThis is the main pool – the Sun Lagoon.coconut_sun_lagoon_entrycoconut_sun_lagoonThe water park.coconut_water_parkcoconut_giant_pillowAnd the regular size jumping pillow.coconut_jumping_pillowVolleyball/badmintoncoconut_volley_badmintonTennis.coconut_tennisA bike trail.coconut_bike1coconut_bike2coconut_bike3A playground.coconut_playgroundThe garden pool;complete with hamock.coconut_garden_poolcoconut_garden_hamockMini golf.coconut_mini_golf

And then there was the Neos, a gym, indoor videos during the day for the kids (outdoor movies at night too), table tennis, basketball, tetherball, hookey, giant chess and a climbing frame.  To say the kids enjoyed it would be an understatement.  And we’re glad that we got the tour to show us where everything was.

As much as we loved it here it was time to move on today, so we packed ourselves up and hit the road.

We stopped in Tully, and tried to find out about their sugar mill tours, but Jos and Cayley were not old enough to go.  We stopped in at the tourist info centre here, and ended up getting quite a few free books for Elisha to read.

So instead of Tully we continued on to The Boulders in Babinda.  Gorgeous. Here’s some of what we saw.boulders1boulders2boulders3Take a close look at this one!  boulders4boulders5boulders6boulders7boulders8boulders9boulders9boulders11After our gorgeous walk, we headed back out to the edge of town to a free camping spot.  Picked up a hitch hiker on the way, and gave him a very short lift into town.  The site we’re at tonight is gorgeous!  We’ve met some great people here tonight.

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