I have always loved photography.  I remember getting a dodgy as plastic camera in a showbag.  In face I think the dodgy as camera was the entire reason I bought that showbag, can’t remember anything else that was in it!  For the most part I’ve studied what I could find online and admired great photographers and their blogs.

Since I came across her blog Karen Russell has always been a blog that I subscribe to or check out regularly.  And I’ve always, always wanted to join one of her classes.  And a few months ago I finally took the plunge and signed up for a class, I was so happy when it didn’t fill up overnight while I was sleeping.

We’ve just started the fifth week of classes, and I am loving everything I’m learning, and carrying my camera around with me everywhere so I can keep on practicing.

Yesterday was church lunch.  We hold this monthly because the building we use needs to be empty of us by 11, which is one hour after we start, so it’s pretty short and sweet.  We have a quick and simple morning tea outside and then move onto someone’s home for lunch.

This month was at D&L’s home.  They have a gorgeous backyard, and the kids had a blast playing together out there.  That’s what I took photos of.  And I’m having a hard time picking my favourites.

I’ve decided to post photos straight out of the camera without any editing (apart from cropping) at this stage, because the art of editing is something else I’d like to work on eventually.

Before I get started on the kids, how cute is this little guy who was hiding in the garden?


So, the kids.

They loved the pond and the bean bag chair.



Jos loved playing with the Lego.  He has great sound effects.20141012144419

These two crack me up. I can see them doing the exact same thing in another 60 years.20141012144438

This guy wasn’t too sure about me pointing the camera in his direction all the time.
Perfect chair for this one, she spent much of the afternoon directing play.


He just smiled every time he saw the camera pointing his way.20141012145053

Eventually the big boys joined in the play that was going on around them, and they all had a great time.  I just love watching their imagination get put to use.  20141012145926

Cayley hiding and ‘spying’ on their plans.

War!… or something.20141012150358 20141012150402

Then these guys took up position behind the bush to plan… 20141012151358… but then it was time to go home.

Until next Sunday, when it will start all over again.  So glad they all love playing together.