She Is Wonderful

Tomorrow is Cayley’s eighth birthday.  Yesterday she had her birthday party down at the beach.  We had a wonderfully relaxed time with family and friends.  It was nice for what can be a very frantic time of year.

It’s important to me that her birthday doesn’t get lost in the busyness and craziness of pre-Christmas, end of the year everything wrapping up time.  But you know, it’s just as easy for each of my kids to get ‘lost’ from my attention with every day distractions.  Just as it is easy to forget other important things, or let them drop from my to-do list because I just don’t have time.  Reading the Word, spending time in prayer, chatting with my husband, caring for my family and church body.

Next year I want to be intentional and productive with my time and find ways to rest well too.

PS Here’s my awesome girl with one of her favourite presents.  Not easy to see from the glare on the box, but it’s a remote control spider.



We’ve had a few health issues here these past couple of weeks.  A trip to the ED for Brett who woke during the night with something lodged in his throat (that’s a whole ‘nother post that probably never happen), and Cayley and Jos have been spotty.  But only mildly.

It’s been nice to spend some time with them individually.

Today Jos and I played with Trash Packs, had a ‘meeting’ about his birthday and made Christmas cards.

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