Lists & Planning

I love planning.  I love lists.

I hate being a slave to both of the above.  But it happens all the time.

So often everything in our home is about me getting the next thing on my  list done, and not really about the best interests of everyone in our family.

Lots of thinking going on in my head the last few days.

Prayers for more grace and more Christ-likeness, it’s the only way.

I want to learn to be fun, to laugh more and be more spontaneous.

And somehow still be organised.

And what’s the photo got to do with anything?  Nothing

Just my photo for the 365 project…


004/365 – funny
Reading is a huge part of our family life. We read a huge variety of stuff (you can really tell by my great vocabulary!), but Calvin & Hobbes will probably ALWAYS be my favourite comic, Bill Watterson – genius – I mean, look at that expression! Nailed it.

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