With an extra four gorgeous kids in the house and soaring temperatures meaning we stayed indoors instead of venturing out I got a little behind (read: exhausted!).  I still took photos for my 365 project.  Sharing those now.

20150105195251005/365 – you today
I know I’m not in the picture, but this is what my day was about.  These gorgeous kids.

20150106075405006/365 – interesting
This present that Jos got for his sixth birthday was (and is) very interesting.  Called an addict-a-ball.  Highly recommend it.  Actually it would be quite interesting to take a shot of just this at some point.

20150107092153007/365 – value
Morning tea with Gran and Opa before the extras headed home.

20150108204420008/365 – arrangement
Elisha loves this new arrangement of a bit of Angband with dad before bed.

20150109180951009/365 – diet
Some of the things Wycliffe (my Thermomix (want one? ask me about that!)) has been making today – carrot cake, man-pleasing chicken, coconut cream and currently cooking at time of photo veggies to go with the chicken and rice.

20150110102536010/354 – count
I had to make this photo count somehow for the theme because it was the only series of shots I took today.

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