The poor old blog is practically on fire from all the use it’s getting.

20150111152541011/365 – little
I am a big fan of miniature toys.  Cayley loves her Shopkins.  The boys love their Trash Packs.

20150112231820-4012a/365 – smoke

20150112231820012b/365 – smoke
I couldn’t pick my favourite smoke picture so I used two today.  Thanks Brett for helping me get these shots.

Actually these two days together make me think about the passage in the part of the Bible written by James that talks about the power and the evil of the tongue.  It really is true that no person has ever tamed the tongue – and it is very true for me.  Such a small part of the body and yet it can set everything on fire.  Lord, give me grace today to speak with kindness and gentleness.

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